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The Exclus1ves Best Entertainment Blog
Blogs about movies, television, celebrities, theatre and topical issues with entertainment value.
The Ogilvy Best Media and Marketing Blog
Best blog by an SA brand/about branding
The Best Post on a South African Blog
The one post which stood out in 2009.
The Best Overseas South African Blog
Blogs written by a South African in any foreign country.
The Best TV/Radio Blog
Best blog by a South African TV or Radio show
The Best Blog about Politics
Blogs featuring mainly a political theme.
The Best Photographic Blog
Blogs featuring original photographic content.
The Best New Blog
Blogs which were started during the year of 2009/2010.
The Best Food and Wine Blog
Blogs written primarily about food or drink.
The Best Science and Technology Blog
Blogs primarily focused on Science, Technology, Computers or the Internet.
The Olmeca Edicion Black Best Music Blog
Blogs about news of a musical nature.
The Jameson Whiskey Best Fashion Blog
Best blog about fashion/style
The Havana Club Rum Best Design Blog
Blogs about design or that have a great blog design.
The Best Podcast/Video Blog
Best online audio/video show blog
The UCT GSB Best Business Blog
Blogs about business.
The Best Group Blog
Blogs with more than one author.
The Evox Advanced Nutrition Best Sports Blog
Blogs written exclusively about any recognised sport.
The Old Mutual Best Green Blog
Blogs covering mainly environmental, organic or enviro-friendly related content.
The Best Indigenous Language Blog
Blogs written in an Indigenous South African language other than English.
The Most Controversial Blog
The blog which caused the most amount of discomfort in 2009 / 2010
The Best Travel Blog
Blog featuring travel related content.
The Best Personal Blog
Diary type blogs of a personal lifestory nature.
The Best Parenting Blog
Blogs about the trials and tribulations of living with little people.
The Ogilvy Twitter Microblogger of the Year
Best SA Twitter account ( Micro Blog ) 140 Characters via Twitter
The Best Company Blog
Best blog by a corporate, small business or non-profit organisation